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Entry #995

I had my first day of work! (& are looking to buy a house)

2014-09-01 14:22:11 by Conal

Wasn't bad at all. I'm earning more than twice the amount needed to pay a mortgage for this crappy 2 floor house.

I might just buy it (& get decorating), what do you think?



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2014-09-01 14:38:34

Where you working? Or is the acting and modelling job?

Conal responds:

What's the difference? I'm earning more than both your parents put together & I'm sexy.


2014-09-01 15:20:19

So you're still doing the modelling and acting?

Conal responds:

Yeah, but that was part time. I've gotten myself a full time apprenticeship.


2014-09-04 03:22:38

Congrats on your new job, mane. Place looks pretty stripped down, but I can see a lot of potential for awesomeness. Also I really like your bathtub.

Conal responds:

I haven't got it yet, I might not have enough money to sustain my desired standard of living. Plus I need to save for the deposit, which could come to £10,000.


2014-09-04 11:53:55

did that Biggie Smalls canvas come with the house too?

Conal responds:

I hope so, it looks cool.


2014-09-04 12:50:16

too right it does, mind if you take a closeup photo of it?

Conal responds:

Nope. :)


2014-09-04 12:57:36

oh fantastic, where abouts in London isn't it? did you find the place by the way?

Conal responds:

It's in my home town, Bristol. It's pretty close to where I work.


2014-09-05 12:28:31

depends on the area

A mortgage is a long term thing, if the area is shit then is may not be worth is, but if the area is decent and the house just need some renovation, it may be alright.

Conal responds:

The area looks nice, the neighbourhood cars are pretty decent too so, it's probably consisting of civil people with money.


2014-09-09 14:58:55

Want to be roommates?

(Updated ) Conal responds:

£75 a week for tenants; this covers gas, electric & internet.


2014-09-13 10:16:26

just to be completely sure "£" means pounds or Euros? Can you charge the same price for two people living in it as for one. Additionally I will fix it up, like paint, remove stains, fix windows, clean, etc etc, till the house looks really nice. I only need 1 or 2 rooms max for me and my friend, with access to the kitchen and bathroom. Lastly the important thing would be finding a job there, so around where are you located, and what would be some nice websites and stuff to look for a job near there.