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Entry #854

☠ Forest of Antipathy ☠ - Programmers 【RECRUITING】

2013-08-03 13:49:22 by Conal

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More info coming later. In short; I need a really snazzy pre-loader & an awesome title screen

Embedding 320kbps audio files to side-step the 160kbps limit issue would be a bonus.

Whether we use AS2 or AS3 is still being negotiated. Most of the scripters signed up know AS2, but not enough AS3. I'd prefer AS3 programmers due to it taking up less virtual memory.

Narunima - Does AS2 games. Confident it preloaders and title screens.

SuperBastard - Apparently knows some AS2 and AS3. I think.

☠ Forest of Antipathy ☠ - Programmers 【RECRUITING】


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