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(Expired Blog no.2) Forest of Antipathy - Hiring voice-actors, animators, artists, musicians, singers, promoters & more!

2013-06-08 13:04:47 by Conal

This blog is expired, here's Blog 3.



{Thread ¦ Blog ¦ Voice-Actors ¦ Animators ¦ Artists ¦ Musicians ¦ Programmers (soon)}
Social: Facebook page. Google+ Community. YouTube Channel. Possible website.

Finally started the project with people. This is a 100% original story that I've been writing for a few years now. Everything is being made from scratch for the animation; from the story to the music.

Why should you want to join? Because this is going to be very unique, something different. There are so many things these days that are just revamped versions of the past, let's cut that shit right out. There is a team of Newgrounders on Skype who are producing an original piece. Be part of something new.

Newgrounds. Everything, by everyone.

The plot outline is about a guy who survives a plane crash which was flying over some of the most remote parts of the world. He wakes up very disorientated and injured; the story is about him travelling through the woods and surviving while he encounters some mind-fucking experiences. It is to be produced in a way which makes you as clueless as the protagonist and empathetic towards the maddening feelings he has. The music, colours and visuals are to help stimulate that effect.

The animation is being closely worked with direction to convey the desired emotional effect. Some real life filming will be used to provide an authentic basis for animating.

Working on the scenery for the first frame. Conceptual art for both characters has been finished.

Technical details:
CS6, AS3, SWF, 20MB, 1080p (flash), 16:9, 30FPS, 4K resolution for YouTube.

I need:
More animators & artists. AS3 programmers would be a bonus, I need a super snazzy & creative pre-loader with title screen; I can instruct further.

I would appreciate:
Flash programmers, promoters, web hosts, web designers, web programmers & more musicians.

We have:
6 animators, 7 artists, 9 musicians, 14 (5F/12M) voice actors, 3 additional writers & 1 programmers.

The crew (27): **Not an NG user, yet.
Anthrogh - Musician
codeblackhayate - Voice Actor (Female Lead, Spanish)
Conal - Writer (Author), Director, Animator, Musician, Voice Actor (Extra)
hhoulding - Musician (Singer), Voice Actor (Extra)
Krutches - Animator, Artist (Backgrounds)
Narunima - Animator (Frame-By-Frame), Artist, Programmer (AS2)
Ripzee - Animator, Artist
Silverspecks - Animator, Artist (Graphics)
SirSplee - Voice Actor (Male Lead)
**Smithi - Voice Actor, Writer (Qualified Director)

-The reserves-
Aphyrmehrius - Musician
chacolah - Animator
**Clear-Distortion - Writer (Character Development)
**DrGuthrie - Voice Actor (Extra)
krisroach98 - Musician
**Maddie - Musician (Bassist/Singer), Voice Actor (Extra)
morganstedmanms - Artist
MrKle1n - Artist (Sketcher), Musician
N0sSyndrome - Voice Actor (Extra)
Nimble - Voice Actor (Spanish)
**RasberryChan - Animator, Artist
**Sanceria - Voice Actor (Male/Female)
SpidersKillChickens - Writer (Character Development), Voice Actor (Extra)
**Suku - Voice Actor (Extra)
te187 - Musician (Instrumental)
theVikingnator - Voice Actor (Antagonist, Spanish)
**Vlaskiyov - Voice Actor (Extra)
*11 more people being considered for recruitment. Whoah!

Applicants (11):
4 animators, 1 artists, 3 musicians, 4 (1F/3M) voice actors, 1 additional writers & 0 programmers.

Voice roles:
Male protagonist - SirSplee
Female protagonist - codeblackhayate
Extras (male) - Conal, Suku *more applications open.
Extras (female) - hhoulding *more applications open.

The prologue is the current focus. Who's interested? :D
Add me on Skype @ConalFawcett. We communicate over Google+ hangouts too.

Sign below the dotted line:

(Expired Blog no.2) Forest of Antipathy - Hiring voice-actors, animators, artists, musicians, singers, promoters & more!


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2013-06-08 19:54:26

Can't wait for it

Conal responds:

Conceptual character art almost complete.


2013-06-14 18:41:50

Interested in the project; can speak in fluent english and spanish when needed.

Conal responds:

Excellent. I hope you can master the accent.


2013-06-14 18:41:54

Interested in the project; can speak in fluent english and spanish when needed.

Conal responds:



2013-07-18 02:05:40

Conal responds:


2013-07-21 09:20:14

don't forget to use the new newgrounds feature: THE COLLABORANATOR

Conal responds:

I have. But thanks anyway.


2013-07-21 12:53:14

i am always happy to suggest useless things!

Conal responds:

Well, at least you gave me something.


2013-07-21 14:18:48

Wish I could make something useful for the project. :P

Conal responds:

I have a role for nearly everyone. Even a HTML5 programmer.


2013-07-27 14:36:58

I can animate and do artsy shit.

What do I win?

(4 srs though, would there be anything you need in the animation-art fields?)

Conal responds:

It's largely reliant on the visual output, apart from the experimental audio effects. So, yes. You'd best fix your Skype if you want to play with us.


2013-08-05 19:46:57

Are there chances for voice acting?

Extras would fit me nicely.

Plus, is there an age restriction just to apply?

Conal responds:

I have lots of opportunities for voice acting. Mainly extras.

There is no age restriction. Everyone is treated equally and only judged on output.